Inspire Youth Program Designed for Teen Volunteers

getpart-1INSPIRE YOUTH PROGRAM is designed to engage young people in volunteerism, Team Giving strives to connect youth with volunteer opportunities and, through volunteerism, equip them with important life skills, including time management, interpersonal communication skills, problem-solving, and leadership skills.

To get involved, contact us. We’re excited to provide volunteering opportunities to the youth in our communities.



1. You get to help those who need it.
This is the obvious benefit, right? But it’s also the most important part. As a volunteer, you have a great opportunity to give back in any area that is important to you.

2. Volunteering is great for your mental and even physical health.
Volunteering boosts self-confidence and happiness.

3. Volunteering can teach you the social and networking skills that you need as an adult.
Volunteering can teach teens how to network and build a list of important contacts. The people you volunteer with are also great candidates for recommendation letters. These are the people who have seen how you interact with
others in social situations and how you handle new challenges.

4. Volunteering lets you see how others experience the world.
It opens your eyes to something new. From volunteering with animals to serving food at homeless shelters, volunteering can expose you to very new experiences that you may not have known otherwise. Having new experiences can help you discover a new passion, and gives you the contacts to pursue that passion.

5. Make your resume shine.
Volunteer experience can set you apart from other applicants for job and school applications. Your volunteer experience shows that you are ambitious, that you care about your community, and that you are willing to work to affect change. These are great qualities that recruiters and admissions officers look for in a potential student or employee.

Volunteering gives you an opportunity to change lives, including your own!