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Together, Everyone Achieves More

With over 1000 + non-profits in Placer, Sacramento, Nevada, Yolo and El Dorado counties, respectively, there are thousands of non-profit needs.   Team Giving connects with and reaches out to build, grow and nurture relationships between the non-profits, businesses and service clubs to benefit greater numbers of organizations. We feel there are endless opportunities for serving our non-profit communities.

In connecting with companies, associations, and service groups in our geographic region, we can match various workforce groups with projects non-profit organizations need assistance completing.  As our own organization grows, we endeavor to become members of the various community foundations in the area, Chamber of Commerce organizations and fundraising chapters to better promote our services, network and become a well-known resource that helps non-profit organizations succeed.


Donations made to Team Giving are tax deductible and support special projects and materials needed by volunteer teams on behalf of the non-profits we serve.

Thank you for your efforts in getting volunteers out to help at the Lewis St. “Art Park” project. The kids were an amazing help! I greatly appreciate your ability to find us the volunteers on a holiday weekend. It made a big difference for us.

Kahl Muscott
Auburn Rotary

Our event was total record-breaking day with a total of almost $16,000! We just made history for the shop…Huge thank you to you and your group for saving our butts! The volunteers were so helpful and awesome; I hope they enjoyed the time with us. Thanks!

Chris Silver
California Division, American Cancer Society

Thank you for helping get the volunteers (from Americorps) for us this weekend. They were an exceptional group and we sincerely appreciate their assistance.

Nick Nichol
Lions International, Camp Ross Relles

We are Making an Impact in our Communities

Together, the Impossible Becomes Possible!

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