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As a non-profit agency in Sacramento, we match businesses and service groups with volunteer projects in the greater Sacramento region.

To inspire, guide and advocate for regional non-profit organizations by matching their needs with businesses, corporations and service clubs to complete volunteer projects.

Are you a representative for a non profit and have a project that needs a volunteers in Northern California? Are you a representative for a business that is looking to support your community? Give Team Giving a call so we can find you a match.


Check out our Videos and go check out our YouTube Channel.

Bringing Volunteers and Causes Together


Let us know the projects you need help with, and we’ll match the ideal team to help.


We match you and your team with a project that meets your interests and talents.


We match volunteers with non-profits, strengthening and connecting community.

Volunteers Making a Difference in Our Community

Non-Profit Organizations Seeking Volunteer Help

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