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Senior Advocacy

As people age, they often begin to lose their social contacts, causing them to spend less time socializing and more time in isolation. Several studies have show that forms of active socialization has a positive affect on the mental physical and emotional health of our delicate senior population.

A Harvard School of Public Health study published in The American Journal of Public Health, suggests that “strong social ties, through friends, family, and community groups, can preserve our brain health as we age and that social isolation may be an important risk factor for cognitive decline in the elderly.” (Tara Parker-Pope, Socializing Appears to Delay Memory Problems, The New York Times, Well, June 4, 2008).

Volunteering and spending time with seniors gives you the opportunity to make a real difference in someone’s life. Your gift of companionship may include visits, outings, or other interactions that will benefit both the volunteer and the senior. Contact us to learn more about these volunteer opportunities.